Bring the modern art of Philadelphia, PA to your living room

Your Golden Boy Graffiti Photo will ship from Philadelphia to you in 7 to 10 days.

Golden Boy Graffiti -pieces start at 20 inches by 30 inches and go up in size from there. We can also do custom sizing, including large furniture pieces like
coffee tables. Call 215-518-4472 for more information.

Photo Documenting Urban Renewal & Modern Art in Philadelphia, PA

Experience Golden Boy Graffiti's Bold Street Art & Photography

Andrew Urbine is the brains behind the Golden Boy Graffiti Art Project. He was inspired to start this project three years ago while traveling through Toronto. While touring the city, he stumbled upon Graffiti Alley and started snapping photos of the intricate street art he found there. To date, he has created about 300 pieces of graffiti photography, and he's constantly on the lookout for more graffiti to add to his collection.

On the side, Andrew works with a Philadelphia, PA housing rehabilitation initiative. The vibrant art in the neighborhoods he works in have provided tons of inspiration for Golden Boy Graffiti.

Contact Andrew today to learn more about his passion for street art photography.

From vandalism to conversation pieces

When Andrew finds street art he loves, he follows a precise process to create a beautiful piece of art you can enjoy in your home. He'll:

  • Take a large-format photo of the graffiti
  • Edit it to bring out details and vibrancy in the artwork
  • Have the image transferred to a high-gloss aluminum background

5% of all Golden Boy Graffiti profits go to the Mural Arts Philadelphia Foundation and Kid SmART, a youth art outreach program in New Orleans. Call 215-518-4472 to start creating your one-of-a-kind art piece.